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In the case of very young people, their immune system may be strong and vigorous but they have not yet fought off many strains so their immune system’s ‘memory’ doesn’t have much in it to remember. One of the factors that made the Spanish Flu so fearsome was that it atypically did not follow the conventional pattern of influenza A in primarily attacking the young 20 The History of H5N1 and old. For reasons that have never been adequately explained, many of the victims were in their 20s. The first symptoms of a patient with Spanish flu were the usual ones we now correlate with what we know as the flu: high fever, sore throat, dry cough, headache and body pains.

It might be a good idea to turn the mat upside down at this point to ensure that the fibres facing the top are well soaked. Place it just outside your door in an area sheltered from rain but where it is not practical to sidestep it in order to enter your house. You should never use bleach in this solution as the wet shoes will leave bleached footprints on your carpet. Also you should replace the solution approximately once a week or when it is visibly dirty or cloudy. If you’re not comfortable with that, or want to really do it right, why not duplicate what the airports do?

Since the virus is airborne, infection is inevitable. Some birds show no symptoms, while being highly contagious, making the disease difficult to spot. The virus can survive for a month in refrigerated poultry and indefinitely if frozen. In the spring 2005 cases in Thailand and Vietnam, the first human-to-human spread was discovered (although it 24 The History of H5N1 was still being debated if it was bird-to-human). However, what worries researchers most is that the mortality rate of the disease in these cases has dropped by half to about one third of those infected, down from three-quarters.

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