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By Robert A Watkins

Depending seriously upon visuals, conflict colours fills an extended status void within the annals of the 8th Air strength in the course of international warfare II. This quantity makes a speciality of all forty-eight Bomb teams comprising the 8th and contours colour illustrations depicting the evolution of all fuselage, wing and tail markings assigned to the person devices. information about the right measurement, placement, colour and configuration of all tactical markings of U.S. Bomber Command are addressed. staff and squadron wrestle insignia in addition to airfield position maps for every unit also are depicted. All bombardment devices included in the 8th are listed and simply cross-referenced by way of squadron, staff, wing and department assignments. also, all significant parts comprising the 8th were prepared into quickly reference organizational circulate charts that exhibit the particular order-of-battle for the "Mighty Eighth." This ebook is a useful instrument for someone with an curiosity within the heritage of the U.S. 8th Air strength in global warfare II.

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This booklet is a facsimile reprint and will include imperfections reminiscent of marks, notations, marginalia and fallacious pages.

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