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By Prof. Dr. Alfred Vogt (auth.)

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Adjoining the palisade zone is the zone of vasoular loops R, which contains no palisades and appears opaque in focal light and transparent by transiIIumination [compare zones R in Figs. 10 and 32). Adjacent to this areais the 0,2 to 0,3 mm wide zone of end eapillary loops C, which normally are almost bloodless, quite indistinctly seen, and vary greatly in development in different individuals. lO, espeeially distinct in CFig. ) Somewhat beyond their axial borders the physiologie dewlike changes disappear.

Age 25. Very old sears in the deep corneal parenehyma, whieh have brought about an astigmatism of a high degree. Under a magnilieation of 24 times (Oe. 2, Obj. a2) one sees flamelike tongues . presenting a clearing up in the scar formation. They are at times radial and again parallel in arrangement (cornpare below in the illustration). Theyare rarelyarranged in an irregular manner. Aceording to our observations, these areas showing a disappearanee of soar formation indieate that Ihe eieatrix has existed for a long time.

Fig. 43 shows th e yelIow line and its honey-eomb-likc surroundings under a 24 times magnifieation in foeal light. The honey-comb areas have flattened, often hexagonal borders. The yellow superflcially situated pigmen t line extends sornewha t into the walls of the honeyeomb areas. It lies in the inlerpalpebral spaee. Honey-comb-like changes of this type should not be confounded with epithelial vacuoles such as are shown in Fig. 17. W e have found these changes quite frequently in reeent as weIl as in old eicatrice s.

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