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By Theodore E. Keats MD, Mark W. Anderson MD

Seeing is believing with the Atlas of ordinary Roentgen variations that could Simulate Disease, edited by means of the past due Theodore Keats and Mark W. Anderson. Now streamlined right into a extra concise, moveable print layout, with a wealth of extra content material on-line, this clinical reference book’s millions of pictures seize the roentgenographic presentation of an entire diversity of standard variations and pseudo-lesions which could resemble pathologic stipulations, assisting you avoid fake positives. You’d be demanding pressed to discover a similar picture assortment in anyone position online.

  • Make the right kind diagnosis with 1000's of MR and CT correlations.
  • Recognize the full spectrum of standard variants with over 6,000 images, the most important assortment to be had in this topic.
  • Prepare for the pitfalls of the oral exam with an simply available textual content that is designed that will help you keep away from fake positives.

  • Find the main crucial content material extra quickly with a much extra compact print volume that covers purely the most vital skeletal presentations.
  • Access the total contents of the publication online at, plus
    • Complete assurance of soppy tissues
    • Hundreds of extra skeletal images

Browse the simplest selection of general versions within the world!

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28 The Skull | THE FRONTAL BONE FIGURE 1-77 Prominent nasofrontal suture, not to be mistaken for a fracture. This suture may persist into adult life. FIGURE 1-78 Sclerosis of the nasofrontal suture, which might be mistaken for a meningioma of the anterior fossa. FIGURE 1-79 The nasofrontal suture in lateral projection. FIGURE 1-80 The nasofrontal suture in a 13-year-old girl. The Skull | THE FRONTAL BONE 29 PART 1 | CHAPTER 1 FIGURE 1-81 Top and bottom, Two examples of prominent frontal crests in children simulating calcification of the falx.

FIGURE 1-70 Calcification in the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum. This form of calcification is not necessarily of clinical significance and may be physiologic. FIGURE 1-71 Idiopathic calcification of the basal ganglia may be familial and unassociated with other disease. 26 The Skull | THE FRONTAL BONE THE FRONTAL BONE FIGURE 1-72 Persistent metopic suture showing unusual serrations. The straight line is in the inner table, the serrated in the outer. FIGURE 1-73 Cranium bifidum occultum in a 9-month-old girl.

Bottom right, CT scan shows the radiolucencies caused by intervening clefts between the areas of hyperostosis. FIGURE 1-45 Localized thickening of the occipital bone, a normal variation. The Skull | THE CALVARIA 17 PART 1 | CHAPTER 1 FIGURE 1-46 Cranium bifidum occultum. Incomplete closure of the midline of the skull in a 7-year-old boy, not to be mistaken for a destructive process. Such closure defects may be unassociated with bone dysplasia (see Figures 1-73 to 1-74). (Ref: Inoue Y, et al: Cranium bifidum occultum.

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