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By Igor V. Andrianov, Jan Awrejcewicz, Leonid I. Manevitch

In this publication an in depth and systematic therapy of asymptotic tools within the conception of plates and shells is gifted. the most gains of the ebook are the elemental ideas of asymptotics and its purposes, conventional ways similar to ordinary and singular perturbations, in addition to new ways comparable to the composite equations strategy. The booklet introduces the reader to the sphere of asymptotic simplification of the issues of the speculation of plates and shells and should be invaluable as a guide of equipment of asymptotic integration. offering a cutting-edge assessment of asymptotic functions, this e-book could be valuable as an creation to the sphere for rookies in addition to a reference ebook for specialists.

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25), the following system of linear algebraic equations is obtained l,No [t. , k, which yields Air) and Cr. Now the problem of a rod on the elastic foundation buckling is analysed, which is governed by the equation WIV W (0) +(4+s)w+Aw=0, = w" (0) = W (n) = w" (n) = O. The smallest eigenvalue AO = 5 of the unperturbed problem is twicely degenerated, and two functions sin x and sin 2x are associated with A o. 25. In words, in the presented approach first the eigenvalues are found and then the eigenvectors on each of the computational steps.

K. Note that a difference between simple and mUltiple eigenvalues is evident, since it is not clear how to find ~I). One may expect that "%) is a combination of el , ... , ~, but this combination is not a priori known. In words, contrary to the case of simple eigenvalue now ~I) should be also defined. e. 20) bye" one obtains Ail) and the vector "%). 24) where: b rp = (A1ep , ~). ,Iii) It is clear now that are the eigenvalues of the matrix B 1, 2, ... 24). The corrected terms of the eigenvectors "1]i) and the eigenvalues ,I~) are found in a similarly way.

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