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By Dane Rudhyar

Астрология и ее применения в условиях современного мира. Времена проходят и уходят, но остаются звезды и вселенная. Остаются извечные законы мироздания, влияния планет на судьбы людей. Англоязычный автор пишет о взаимоотношениях науки астрологии и мирового сообщества, каждого индивидуума, каждого человека.

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Ith thc possibility of agriculture and cattle-raising, and latcr on of industry. Man sensesthat there is a meaning and purpose in this relationship. Alas, in trying 10 formulate this meaning and purpose man! reaching thc intcllec- Alttulogr dt d DisciPl;h. bJ M;nd 89 tual and egocenuic phasc of his developmcnt, oftcn came to the conclusion that all naturc is madc for his sustenance and enjoyment. Hc proudly saw himself as the divinely intended mastcr of naturc; and he convcnicntly cmbodied such a conclusion in his rcligious "revelations"; God telting him that cverything in the world was made for man, and therefore that ihc purposc of thc whole universe is to provide man with food, raw materials, and cxperiences enabling him gradually to develop faculties so transcending the rhythms and thc forms of naturc that they can be called "divinc.

P. /dlin. It asks of every individual that he accepts what he potcntially rr - the whole of it, without any ethical tag of good or bad, fortunatc or unfortunatc, being attachcd to it. This means that one should acccpt one's birth-chart as it is and bc intent upon fulfilling its implications. , whatever it is and howevcr socicty or par'entsmay regard its value. 'When one approaches life in such a manner one understands in a most vivid way what the Hindu philosopher means by dharma. cd-pattcrn" of an iodividual pc$on's being.

It is, onc might say, a hind of map upon which a navigator marks thc path descdbed by the past advanccs. The navigator faced with a pos sible change of direction asks: Considering what I have reached, what is the ncxt steP? Neverthelcss, such a question is not only futilc but perhaps damaging, spiritually speaking, if thc individual is not willing and rcady to "perform yoga" with this ncxt step, \t'hatcvcr it be. This means, if hc is not able to rcalize lhat any step which is for hin thc ncxt stcp ahead is "right," whether socicty or religion - and the consider it good or bad, usual astrologcrs easy or hard!

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