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C) When the decision procedure has been selected there is usuallya set of parameters to be evaluated. Here the problem is encountered of how to optimize the parameter values with respect to given representative patterns from the Nc different pa.! tern classes. (d) The realization in hardware of the receptor and the categorizer. Here the problem is raised of selecting forms of rec'eptors and categorizers which will perform reliably when implemented, and which will meet the PRD constraints on weight, vo.!.

Be more appropriate for the problem at hand. 1 6. Decision Procedures and Indices of Performance Some Functions Related to the Micro-Regions. The problem of finding a suitable decision pro cedure arises in the following manner. In this section assume that such a large number of representative members of all Nc pattern clas ses are available that the Nc multivariate probab~ ity densities can be estimated with great accuracy over the whole p-dimensional space. This assumption is unrealistic in most cases; e.

E. , (i) suitable filtering may be used to enhance the signal to nois e ratio for waveforms and images (Pattern Recognition, vol. 2, n02, May 1970 contains 7paperson Image Enhancement, vol. 2, n °1, January contains 5 papers on two-dimensional Picture Processing), (ii) handwritten alpha-numerical characters may be normalized with respect to size and orientation (Casey 1970), (iii) irregularities that clearly are due to noise maybe removed from the unlabelled pattern by "smoothing" so that edges become clearer (Unger 1959; Levine 1969; Golay 1969; Deutsch 1970) and (iv) the dynamic range for speech signals may be reduced (Hell warth and Jones 1965).

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