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By Professor James J. Buckley, Professor Esfandiar Eslami (auth.)

This e-book is to be the start line for any curriculum in fuzzy platforms in fields like laptop technological know-how, arithmetic, business/economics and engineering. It covers the fundamentals resulting in: fuzzy clustering, fuzzy development attractiveness, fuzzy database, fuzzy photograph processing, smooth computing, fuzzy purposes in operations learn, fuzzy determination making, fuzzy rule established structures, fuzzy structures modeling, fuzzy arithmetic. it isn't a booklet designed for researchers - it truly is the place you actually study the "basics" wanted for any of the above-mentioned applications.

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For A, Bin Fo(R) with sp(A) = (a 1, a2), sp(B) = (b1, b2), define Is this D a metric? Justify your answer. 4. 80). 5. 81). 6. 81) is called a vertical metric. 3. 7. DISTANCE BETWEEN FUZZY SETS 53 7. Convergence of sequences of continuous fuzzy numbers. This convergence is a simple extension of the definition of convergence of a sequence of real numbers given in the text. Determine if the sequence An, n = 1, 2, 3, · · · converges and if it does converge, then find its limit limn-+ooAn = A. 2) is defined by its base and vertex.

10. 17)) that must hold for fuzzy sets when we use: a. Tm and Cm. b. Tp and Cp. c. Tb and Cb. d. T* and C*. CHAPTER 3. 5 Mixed Fuzzy Logic Most people use T m and Cm in all their calculations with fuzzy sets. However, you need not always use the same t-norm and t-conorm. Mixed fuzzy logic is when you use T = T1 , C = C 1 , usually dual operators, for certain calculations and switch to T = T2 , C = C 2 , probably also dual operators, for other calculations. We will look at two applications of mixed fuzzy logic in this section but there can be many more since we will be using t-norms and tconorms throughout the book.

13. Can we use the following functions for u(a, b)? a. b. min{1, a+ b + 2ab}. c. 1- {max{O, J(l- a) 2 + (1- b)2 -1}}. 14. Let -A={M1 ... Tin -}' ' ,_ X1 Xn when~ the membership value Mi is fuzzy and the members Xi are also fuzzy. Present some real world applications of such fuzzy sets (type 2level 2 fuzzy sets). 3. 3 31 t-norms, t-conorms The functions used for intersection of fuzzy sets (i(a, b)) are called t-norms and those used for union (u(a, b)) are called t-conorms. We will study t-norms first.

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