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Watson, a skilled mechanic, and financed by the parents of two students, including Gardiner �Hubbard, his future father-in-law. At first Bell concentrated on sending multiple telegraph messages by causing electrical undulations similar to those caused by the vocal chords. In 1875 he received a patent for the harmonic telegraph, then turned his attention to developing the telephone. By 1876 he and Watson had constructed a simple version of the modern telephone. By shouting into a receiver, the person talking caused a diaphragm to vibrate, which varied the strength of an electric current.

Harvard University Press, 1931. Wilson, Derek A. The Astors, 1763–1992: Landscape with Millionaires. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1996. B Baekeland, Leo Hendrik was offered and accepted a research position with E. & H. T. Anthony and Company, a manufacturer of photographic supplies in New York City. Two years later, he became partners with Leonard Jacobi in an industrial research firm, which they opened in Yonkers, New York. In 1893 he invented Velox, a photographic paper coated with silver chloride that could be developed under artificial light.

Greenwood. Manage­ ment Innovators: The People and Ideas that Have Shaped Modern Business. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Yenne, Bill. 100 Men Who Shaped World History. : Bluewood Books, 1994. Bendix, Vincent Hugo (1881–1945)╇ inventor of automobile parts Starting a car today is as easy as turning a key in a switch. But when automobiles were first invented, starting one was almost literally a backbreaking feat. Two men revolutionized the automobile industry by making cars easier to start (and easier to sell), and one of them was Vincent Bendix.

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