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In operating for a fund of hedge cash (similar to the writer) i discovered this booklet to be very actual. it is a nice review of the (particularly from the fund of cash side). i might hugely suggest this to someone in need of an outstanding review of the company.

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A fund that looks inefficient on an annual basis can be highly efficient when you include the impact of the final sale. In fact, the recent obsession with “low-turnover, tax-efficient investing” tends to overlook the long-term picture. Second, tax accounting for hedge fund investments can be cumbersome. Mutual funds report their taxable income to investors on a Form 1099 DIV, which is generally available within a month or two of the end of the calendar year. Hedge funds, on the other hand, produce a Schedule K-1 (Form 1065), which can be a multipage document reporting a large number of taxable items.

To organize these contrasts better, in Table I–2 we have separated the hedge fund features into advantages and disadvantages, benefits and costs. Those who invest in hedge funds are willing to pay the costs in order to enjoy the benefits. And so we face the classic investment problem: Are the benefits worth the costs? There is no general answer to this question. The object of this book is to enable you to form a clearer picture of the benefits and the costs. Then you will have to decide for yourself.

Figure 1–1 shows the history of growth and inflation from 1926 to 2001. As you can see, growth and inflation rarely stand still. They move up and down in cycles. The inflation cycles are longer than the growth cycles. In Figure 1–1 you will see four very long cycles of rising and falling inflation. From 1926 to 1947 the economy moved from deflation (falling prices) to high inflation. Then inflation fell from 1948 to 1965. This was a period of disinflation: The inflation rate was positive, but trending downward.

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