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By Toma T. Mugea, Melvin A. Shiffman

This e-book covers all facets of aesthetic breast surgical procedure in an instructive, step by step structure. The descriptions of methods are thoroughly brand new, encompassing newly brought recommendations and up to date differences of confirmed options. person elements of the booklet are dedicated to breast augmentation, mastopexy, and breast relief. particular attention is usually given to hazards and problems, with tips on their avoidance and the therapy of issues. furthermore, anatomy, anesthesia, and various miscellaneous systems acceptable in particular conditions are all good coated. The authors are stated specialists of their fields who draw on a wealth of expertise in describing and illustrating their in my opinion favourite recommendations. Aesthetic surgical procedure of the Breast could be an incredible reference for either scholars (residents and fellows) and training beauty, plastic, and common surgeons.

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1963) [97] used a modification of the breast amputation and nipple-areolar transfer. Skoog (1963) [98] described a superior laterally based dermal flap separated from the gland at the subcutaneous level. He transposed the nipple on a unilateral skin flap disconnecting the nipple from the gland. This was an intermediate procedure to free nipple transplantation. Robertson (1967) [99] reported on the inferior flap mammaplasty in conjunction with free nipple grafting. Hoopes and Jabalay (1969) [100] described amputation with nipple-areolar transplant and prosthesis.

Cardoso et al. (1984) [125] used three dermal pedicles for nipple-areolar complex movement in reduction of gigantomastia. Hester et al. (1985) [126] performed breast reduction utilizing the maximally vascularized central pedicle. Renó (1985) [127] described the periareolar mastopexy. Teimourian et al. (1985) [128] reported on reduction mammaplasty with liposuction. Marshak and Sagher (1988) [129] described a short horizontal scar mastopexy. Benelli (1988) [130] reported on the periareolar mastopexy described as the “round block” technique.

The graft was usually taken from the inferior buttock. Bames [3, 4], Maliniac [5], Marino [6], O’Connor [7], and Goulian and McDivitt [8] reported on the use of local flaps of de-epithelialized tissue for cosmetic breast augmentation. Conway and Smith [9] and Watson [10] noted significant fat graft resorption of the augmented breast as well as unsightly donor sites and a high incidence of fat necrosis with chronic drainage. Longacre [11, 12] described the dermis-fat flap based at the inframammary fold that was folded upward to treat small breasts.

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