Download Advanced Banter: The Qi Book of Quotations (QI) by Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, John Mitchinson PDF

By Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, John Mitchinson

The final word compendium of crisp one-liners, knockout jokes, droll asides and common truths gathered through the years via the creators of QI.

'You understand 'that look' girls get once they wish intercourse? Me neither.' Steve Martin; 'You can't hinder the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, yet you could hinder them from nesting on your hair.' chinese language proverb; 'The Beatles are demise within the improper order.' Victor Lewis-Smith; 'Cauliflower is not anything yet a cabbage with a school education.' Mark Twain; 'Depend at the rabbit's foot should you will, yet take into account: it didn't paintings for the rabbit.' R.E. Shay; 'If it weren't for quotations, dialog among gents will be an unending sequence of 'what-ho's!' P. G.Wodehouse

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