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By David C. Anderson and Jeremy S. D. Winter (Eds.)

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Investigative Urology, 17, 2 6 5 - 2 6 8 STACHENKO, J. a n d GIROUD, C. J. P. (1964) F u r t h e r observations o n t h e functional z o n a t i o n of t h e a d r e n a l 4 2 , 1777-1785 cortex. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry, STOCKER, E , a n d SCHMID, G. H . (1973) A l t e r s a b h ä n g i g e a u t o r a d i o g r a p h i s c h e U n t e r s u c h u n g e n ü b e r d i e N e b e n n i e r e n r i n d e n - P r o l i f e r a t i o n m ä n n l i c h e r R a t t e n nach [ 3 H]Thymidin-Dauerinfusion.

PEACH, M. j . , WRIGHT, E. M. and CAREY, R. M. (1983) Possible mechanism of action of metoclopramide-induced aldosterone secretion: in vivo and in vitro studies in the sheep. Endocrinology, 113, 887-892 WINTER, J. s. , FAiMAN, c , REYES, F. i. and THLivERis, J. (1980) Control of steroidogenesis by human fetal adrenal cells in tissue culture. In Adrenal Androgens, edited by A. R. Genazzani, J. H. H. Thijssen and P. K. Siiteri, pp. 55-62. New York: Raven Press WRIGHT, N. A. (1971) Cell proliferation in the prepubertal male rat adrenal cortex: an autoradiographic study.

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 5 2 , 1129-1136 ROBINSON, p. , PERRY, K. A . , HARDY, K. J . , COGHLAN, J . p. a n d SCOGGINS, B. A . (1977) T h e i n n e r v a t i o n of t h e a d r e n a l cortex in t h e s h e e p , Ovis ovis. Journal of Anatomy, V2A, 1 1 7 - 1 2 9 SAHINEN, F . M. a n d SODERWALL, A. L . (1965) A c c e l e r a t e d senescent changes in a d r e n a l cortex of t h e h a m s t e r . Radiation Research, 24, 4 1 2 - 4 2 2 SAKHATSKAYA, T . S . a n d ALTUKHOVA, V.

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