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They accompany the lengthened social infancy in which protection from economic independence provides opportunities for such fuller education. The form they take varies somewhat from one country to another and even from one home to another; but it seems true to say that in all modern industrialised states the years of preparation for this more diversified living are making ever greater demands upon the skill of the educator and the co-operative acquiescence of the adolescent. , Adolescence, Forty-Third yearbook Nat.

It remains, however, true to say that the experiences of adolescents do differ in definite fashions in different cultural settings in different parts of the world as well as at different periods of history. These experiences in turn react upon the personal development of the 30 THE ADOLESCENT AT HOME adolescents and determine their attitude to the sequences of their physical maturing. It remains also true to say that, on the whole, problems (both social and personal) specifically describable as those of adolescence have increased in complexity with the general lengthening of the period of postponement of adult status and with the reduction in the prestige of custom and tradition which is also a characteristic of twentieth-century living in the Western World.

Discrepancies between the expectancies of immigrant parents or grandparents and the habits of Americans of the second or third generations led to undue storm and stress in the years when these differences came to mean more to the developing child. Postponement of recognition as adults and lack of experience of the satisfactions associated with responsible contributing to the welfare of a group resulted in discontent, selfdisparagement and unhappiness and these (in any country) do much to render the period of adolescence a time of strain.

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