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By Betsy Devine, Joel E. Cohen

Gathers jokes and anecdotes approximately academia, scientists, educating professors, clinical reputations, educational publishing, ladies scientists, and well known science


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92 TEACHING SCIENCE. • . • • • • • . . . M. My freshman chern prof had a trick that kept us fascinated every time he went to the blackboard. With the chalk in his left hand, he would start scribbling down some long chemical formula; then midway through it the chalk would switch to his right hand and he'd keep on During the question period after a lecture by the great mathematical physicist Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, someone stood up and said, going just as fast as ever. han~. Students took bets that someday Klein would stick the chalk III hiS mouth or write with the cigar, but no one ever collected on it.

He returned to the board, and converted "harmony" to "'unifonnity" with the addition of a single dot: TALES OF THE GREAT SCIENTISTS Pais describes it as "the most remarkable act of calligraphy I shall ever witness. " Bohr's comments on other people's lectures were always meant to be encouraging and mild. " One visiting lecturer to Bohr's institute was seen moping around LET'S HOPE HIS SELF-CRITICISM WAS AS GENTLE The great Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962) was fated to be a theorist. His lab instructors claImed they had never seen a student whose bill for broken glassware came close to his, and one day when a violent explosion rocked the University ~: Copenhagen everyone's first thought was, "Oh, that must be Bohr.

Many years later, a banquet was given in the manufacturer's honor, where he denounced the futility of education, using his own case as an illustration. "When I was a boy in school," he said, '''the teachers were always praising a student named Johnny Thomson. The rest of us were constantly told to try to be more like little Johnny Thomson. " In his old age, J. J. Thomson remained a handsome man, with long white hair at a time when it was not fashionable to have long hair, very gentle, and much beloved by his grandchildren.

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