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By G. R. G Mure

An summary exposition of Hegel's different types is gifted with the purpose of being of help on a primary studying of Hegel.

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Through the linked concepts of "prelogical mentality" and its "principle of participation," Levy-Bruhl tied the romance of meaning to cultural evolution. Levy-Bruhl chose the unfortunate term "prelogical" to describe the quality of mysticism that he attributed to primitive religious thought. , life in death, unity and multiplicity of being, the identity of distinct forms of life or distinct species) were logical and categorical anomalies. "Primitive thought" simply ignored the apparent logical anomalies in such conceptions.

How are these structures related to other kinds of knowing in a "polyphonic" conception of mind? This issue has been at the forefront of contemporary critiques of structuralism—critiques that have sought to replace "structure" with more fluid notions of discourse, practice, and strategy. These arguments have often proceeded by establishing false dichotomies in which structures have been consigned to a "straw man" role in relation to other kinds of knowing. Chapters 3 and 4 illustrate a complex polyphonic model of knowledge through an examination of the interplay of rule, strategy, and violation in modern sport.

Mythic thought exploits the expressive possibilities of the finest details of nature and of the play of human events in a poetic reaffirmation of an allencompassing world view that is beyond disconfirmation. Mythic thought may share with modern science a disinterested passion for explanation and order. But it is not completely disinterested, and the two species of thought are not quite the same. At the same time as Levi-Strauss affirms psychic unity, he points to the profound gulf that he believes separates these two frames of mind: To say that a way of thinking is disinterested and that it is an intellectual way of thinking does not mean that it is equal to scientific thinking.

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