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These also are effective but so me people find them difhcult to swallow because they leave a dry mouth. (3) As aluminium hydroxide powder in a capsule, known as Alu-Caps. They are large and six daily may be needed. Treatment with one of the preparations of aluminium hydroxide is usually begun at the same time as the fistula is created. 54 PREPARATION FOR DIALYSIS Vitamin Tablets Vitamin tablets are often prescribed for patients either before they begin dialysis or when dialysis treatment has been started.

Needling Blood has to be taken from the patient to the dialyser and then returned. Blood is taken from the fistula through a wide bore needle (the 'arterial' needle). It is returned through an identical needle to a different part of the fistula (the 'venous' needle). In preparation for dialysis two needles have to be inserted into the fistula. 7. The positioning of needles in a fistula is often called 'needling' or more correctly cannulation of the fistula. After needling, the needles and the tubes connected to them are secured to the patient's arm with sticky tape.

Clotted blood will not flow and cannot be returned to the patient. Heparin is a liquid drug which stops blood from clotting. The effect wears off quite quickly so it has to be used continuously during haemodialysis. The rest of this chapter covers the main points of haemodialysis technique. (I) Before the patient arrives the machine will have been selfsterilized. It is then rinsed through with fresh softened water. (2) The next step is to clip the artificial kidney (dialyser) to a stand and to connect the lines carrying dialysate to and from the machine to the dialyser.

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