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By Mary Baxter

Over a interval of 40 days, God gave Mary ok. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to inform all to settle on lifestyles. here's an account of where and beings of hell contrasted with the glories of heaven. it's a reminder of the necessity every one people has for the miracle of salvation

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Inside it was the form of a woman, which I knew by her voice. She cried out to Jesus for deliverance from the flames. Jesus looked on the woman with love and said, "While you were on earth, I called you to come to Me. I pleaded with you to get your heart right with Me before it was too late. I visited you many times in the midnight hour to tell you of My love. I wooed you, loved you and drew you to Me by My Spirit. "'Yes Lord,' you said, 'I will follow You,' With your lips you said you loved Me, but your heart did not mean it.

He began to steal from the church offerings. He began to teach lies. He spoke mostly half-lies and half-truths. He would not let Me correct him. I sent My messengers to him to tell him to repent and preach the truth, but he loved the pleasures of this life more than the life of God. He knew not to teach or preach any other doctrine except the 56 Activity in Hell truth as revealed in the Bible. But before he died, he said the Holy Ghost baptism was a lie and that those who claimed to have the Holy Ghost were hypocrites.

I will forgive now, Lord," she said. "Let me out. I will obey You now. See, Lord, I am preaching Your Word now. In an hour demons will come to take me to be tormented even worse. For hours they will torture me. Because I was preaching your Word, my torments are worse. " I cried with the woman in the pit and asked the Lord to please keep me from all bitterness of heart. "Don't let me allow hatred to come into my heart, Lord Jesus," I said. "Come, let us go on," Jesus said. In the next pit was the soul of a man wrapped in its skeleton form, crying out to Jesus.

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