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A Dissection Course On Endoscopic Endonasal Sinus Surgery • Up to this point, removal of the anterior ethmoidi has exposed the frontal sinus ostium (Draf type I drainage). The ostium can be enlarged by means off the type II a and b and type III drainage procedures (Figs. 30 and 31). • The curved curette is used to enter tissue spaces3 and for probing (without perforating bony lamellae).. • In most cases a "recess" located just lateral to the vertical lamella of the middle turbinate will lead". toward the frontal sinus.

45). Inferior cantholysis Lateral canthotomy Fig. 45 With a small scissors, a lateral horizontal cut is made in continuity with the lateral palpebral fissure, cutting through the skin and to the bony orbit. If anterior traction on the lower eyelid shows that the pressure is still not relieved, an inferior cantholysis is added: a downward cut is made from the initial incision (beneath the outer skin), dividing the inferior palpebral ligament. The lower eyelid can now be pulled slightly away from the globe.

9 Demonstrating the Olfactory Fibers The olfactory fibers course in the upper part of the bony vertical lamella of the middle turbinate. In 10% of cases they also course in the mucosa lateral to the bony lamella. It is common to find grooves in the lamella for the olfactory nerves, and they can provide useful landmarks (Kennedy 1992, Kim et al. 2003). • Under endoscopic vision, use the curette or other suitable instrument to dissect the lateral surface of the vertical lamella of the anterior middle turbinate.

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