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By Joan Borysenko

Joan Borysenko explores the ways that mysticism can input into your lifestyles. You don't need to climb a mountain or trek via Nepal to adventure a magical second; what you do need to examine is to be absolutely found in your way of life and to open up the extreme within the mundane. This ebook teaches readers find out how to do that of their lives.

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Slowly I moved away from the staircase through an opening that I now noticed on the left. I passed through the opening, and, to the right of it, I saw an old, old man standing. He was dressed in striped < previous page page_47 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_48 next page > Page 48 robes of muted colors, had white whiskers, was of medium height and wore a turban. Kindness and gentleness radiated from him. " I told him of my terrifying experience with the Old Pan energy, and he explained that it was my fear that had made the experience so potentially dangerous.

Yet during the drug experience itself, the new and unfamiliar Reality is compelling, indisputable, unmistakably real! One subject discovered he had not been in the realm of One Mind in the manner he had assumed. In spite of this discovery, however, he found it impossible to dismiss it all as illusory. After much weighing and consideration, he finally decided that his experience of Unity was true in a symbolic, if not in a literal, sense. His transcendental experience dramatized for him the fact that there is less separation, less discrete individuality among men, than his everyday consciousness assumed.

Nothingness cannot exist; but it can seem subjectively to be experienced in trance when the trance state reifies the idea, preventing its illogic from being appreciated. "83 Albert Deikman terms it "the observing self" and explains it as the basic function of consciousness: "The observing self is the transparent center, that which is aware. "84 These formulations are unacceptable, however, because they imply a homunculus. They also fail to explain why the observing self, which experiences nothingness, is experienced as the Self of an Other (atman, nirvana, keter, God, and so forth).

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