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But don’t overlook asking specifically about what treatment for breast disease will do to the physical appearance of your breast, and about your options. For example, many women may be candidates for immediate reconstruction (reconstruction of the breast performed at the time of mastectomy) and by law have the right to insurance coverage for reconstruction (fully detailed in Question 49). Skin-sparing mastectomy and lumpectomy are also possible options (see Questions 42–47). Just as all physicians do not make it a practice to share photographs with you when treating breast disease, neither will all physicians discuss your options or your rights to reconstruction.

In asking why you want to undergo breast surgery, define your goals. What is it you want to achieve for your body and for your life? The answer to why you would want to undergo breast surgery will be based on knowledge and understanding of your condition, of a given procedure, and on the recommendations of a qualified provider. Be realistic in what you desire, that is, in what you want to achieve, and be thorough when seeking your answers. But don’t stop questioning once you determine your want.

She may exercise herself to exhaustion, believing that fitness relates to the condition of her breasts. Or, a woman may purchase creams, herbal supplements, and devices with the promise of improving her breast condition. But none of these alternatives has the same proven result as breast surgery, in any case, prescribed or elective. The proof is in the continued evolution of techniques in procedures for breast surgery, and in the satisfaction of women who have undergone breast surgery to save or change their lives.

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