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By Ava Albrecht

Written by means of a well-known health care provider from long island collage clinical middle, this e-book is a useful source for somebody dealing with the actual and emotional turmoil of this debilitating .

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Qxd 3/24/05 9:10 M Page 29 100 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT DEPRESSION Diagnosis of symptoms present, particularly if associated with sadness or irritability, the more likely depression is present. Suicidal thinking warrants an immediate evaluation, especially if associated with hopelessness. As can be seen from the list, many of the features of depression involve physical symptoms. Depression is not strictly a condition in the mind. Lack of energy and fatigue may make it difficult to get moving or follow through with commitments (work, school, and family).

The body may have reduced ability to fight infection. Depression can make recovery from stroke or heart attack more difficult. A greater risk exists for drug and alcohol abuse, which in turn can worsen depression and further impair functioning. Because of the risks of untreated depression, it is best to seek mental health consultation if there is any question of the possibility of depression. 16. I have a good job and a loving family. How can I feel depressed? Anthony’s comment: It seems it would make sense to examine your daily routines to see if indeed problems do exist.

Sometimes the accumulation of several mild stressors triggers a depressive episode. At one time, it was presumed that there were two types of depression: endogenous (triggered from within, or “biological”) or exogenous (triggered from environmental circumstances). Such a distinction is generally not considered applicable anymore, as most depressions are triggered by environmental circumstances, and are likely dependent on the person’s genetic vulnerability. A comprehensive mental health evaluation typically identifies social stressors associated with the depression.

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